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Are you looking for a room to rent in Dublin? Finding the right room can be a chore – evenings spent looking through ads., numerous phone calls , viewing properties that turn out to be unsuitable.
How much more difficult again, if you are not even in the country!

At Room 2 Rent we take the guesswork out of choosing your room. To save yourself time and to eliminate unnecessary frustrations and anxiety let us answer as many of your questions as we can:

1. Who is letting the room?

At Room2Rent letting rooms is our business! All of our properties are owned or leased by Room2Rent. We do not manage properties for other Landlords. At Room2Rent we are your agent and your landlord.

This makes Room2Rent your one port of call, meaning you don't have to deal directly with Landlords or with Management Companies.  

Whilst we provide accommodation and relocation services for corporate clients and work closely with companies to ensure the best service for their clients, Room2Rent is an independently run business.    

 How many people live in the property?

All of our houses are 4/5 bedroom houses and each person has their own bedroom. There are no shared bedrooms. The maximum number of people in a house will always be 5. 

The benefit of having 4 or 5 in a house is that bills and other costs are shared between a greater number of people, thus keeping the costs down. It is also good to know that there are other people around, an important consideration if you are new to the country or to the area.

Of course, you have your own room with the option of closing your bedroom door behind you and enjoying your own space!

3. Do I get a key for my bedroom door?

Yes. You will get a key for your bedroom door, for the front door and for the back door. 

 4. D
o you accept couples?

We do have a very limited number of houses where we can facilitate couples. These are our 4 bedroom houses, where taking a couple will not exceed the number of people permitted in the house.

5. Do I get a contract?

Having a fixed term contract gives you security and it ensures your rights as a tenant are adhered to.
We offer 1 year contracts with the option of renewing or extending your stay when your 1 year contract is up. We also offer a 6 month contract for Corporate Clients who are relocating to Dublin. 

6.What if I need to leave m
y contract early?

As with any fixed term contract, in order to leave your contract early you must find a replacement tenant to take over your contract. You can then move on providing Room2Rent is happy with the replacement tenant and he/she is willing to take over your contract for the remainder of the term.

7. How much money do I need to move in?

You will need the first months rent payable in advance and you will need a security deposit, equivalent to one month's rent. The security deposit is refundable at the end of the tenancy, upon inspection of the property at check out.

8. Can I reserve a room from abroad?

You can reserve your room before you leave your  home country. We will accept reservations up to 2 weeks before you arrive in Dublin. Once your booking deposit has been paid, your room will be reserved for you and we will take care of the rest.

9. If I book from abroad, will you send me pictures?

Ideally, you should view your room before you agree to take it and we would always recommend that you do.

We realise, of course,that this is not possible when booking from abroad. When you book a room with Room2Rent we provide you with as much information as possible about the area, the house and the people you will be sharing with.
We will provide you with information booklets and pictures. We can also put you in touch with other room2Rent tenants - you may even find yourself working with some of them!

10. FINALLY, Where can I find out more about your relocation services?

To find out more about our relocation services, packages and special offers contact us directly at Room2Rent. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to help you in any way we can.

Room 2 Rent offers a dedicated and efficient service and aims to make your transition as pleasant an experience as possible.